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Kimberba cold storage installation refrigeration construction company
Kimberba cold storage installation refrigeration construction company
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The installation of the cold storage room in the city of Kisamba, Izuran, Palinbang Refrigeration Construction Company, Lebak, Cotabato, Carmen, Pikit, Kibawei and so on, the rapid cooling is a good cold storage Engineering construction manufacturers, original energy-saving technology, saving more than 50%.

With the rapid development of the national food industry, Gran, Madonna, Marco, Marty, Malay Balay, Tudela is the fastest growing area of refrigerated warehouses, aquatic products, fruit, cold drinks, ice cream is the main customer Groups and quick-freezing equipment have been developed for nearly 30 years. The development of the frozen food industry in Poland, Lara and Iligan is due to the rapid development of quick-freezing equipment and its complete supporting facilities. The development of quick-freezing equipment in the Philippines began in the 1980s. With the continuous development of the frozen food industry, the demand for quick-freezing equipment has become increasingly prominent. Today, Cebu, Marais, Manila are in automated cold storage, fluidized quick-freezing equipment, vacuum freeze-drying equipment. And various supermarket food freezer and other aspects have been synchronized with the international. Refrigeration equipment is mainly used in agricultural and sideline products, food production, processing, storage and other fields. In recent years, with the development of quick freezing technology, the downstream market is gradually extending to the pharmaceutical, chemical, construction and other industries.

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Speedwind Refrigeration is engaged in international refrigeration trade export services, engaged in cold storage installation, refrigeration engineering, industrial ice making equipment and commercial central air conditioning projects. It has many years of experience in international business, and quick wind refrigeration focuses on refrigeration engineering supporting solutions, with quality construction as the development concept of the company. With the theme of innovation and energy conservation, the original energy-saving technology solution, saving more than 50%, has long-term cooperation and recognition from domestic and foreign customers. Choosing speed-wind system is the embodiment of your value, you can have the most professional construction team for you. Construction of intelligent, energy-saving, quality, and service-oriented refrigeration projects.

Cebu refrigeration equipment is mainly used in the agricultural and sideline food industry. In recent years, China's quick-frozen foods have developed rapidly. China's quick-freezing equipment manufacturers have soared to dozens, mainly in Dappa, Del Carmen, Loreto, Santiago, Kabbah. La, Danda, Caraga, Lagay, Libang, Polk, Guamar and other places.

  In the market segment, the medium and high-end refrigeration equipment is non-standardized design, which requires high requirements for design, research and development, quality and production capacity of the enterprise. As a result, the barriers to entry in this market segment are relatively high, the competitive landscape is relatively stable, and the number of suppliers is relatively high. Less; low-end refrigeration equipment market concentration is relatively low, competition is relatively fierce, relatively homogenized products, mainly around price competition. The frozen industry welcomes development opportunities and the demand for refrigeration equipment increases

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    We believe that the driving factors for the future growth of the refrigeration equipment industry are mainly the following three points: First, consumption upgrades drive the growth of domestic quick-frozen food demand, second, the rapid development of the snack food market, quick-freezing half-cost ushered in development opportunities, and third, domestic and foreign policies for the industry. support.

The main fields of cold storage are divided into cold storage warehouse, cold storage room, food cold storage, aquatic cold storage, frozen processing, cold drinks, hotels, canteens, etc., as long as the cold storage equipment is divided into piston machine, scroll machine, screw machine, parallel unit, according to the customer. Different needs, providing professional technical design.