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Quick frozen processing cold storage

Speedwind Refrigeration today explains what is the quick freezing cold storage and its use. Quick freezing cold storage refers to the method in which food quickly passes through its largest ice crystal formation area and freezes rapidly when the average temperature reaches -30 °C. Foods undergo a variety of changes during the freezing process, such as physical changes, cellular changes, and biological and microbial changes. The temperature of the quick freezing cold storage is generally -30 ° C ~ -60 ° C.

Focus on the construction of international refrigerated warehouses, freezer rooms, aquatic products

Rapid freezing of food has various advantages: (1) avoiding the formation of large ice crystals between cells, (2) reducing intracellular water liberation, less juice loss during thawing, and (3) concentrating solutes and food tissues inside cell tissue The time for the colloid and various components to contact each other is significantly shortened, and the harm of concentration is minimized. (4) Rapidly reduce the food to below the temperature of microbial growth, which is beneficial to resist the growth of microorganisms and their biochemical reactions. (5) The short residence time of food in freezing equipment is beneficial to improve the utilization rate and continuous production of equipment.

Quick-frozen cold storage is mainly used for the production and processing of enterprise food production lines, such as aquatic cold storage, food, meat, pasta, fish, seafood, tuna, etc., which need to be frozen in the shortest time.

The quick-freezing cold storage is divided into a tunnel cold storage and a quick-freezing flat machine. All three are rapid cold storages, and the functions are basically the same. The difference lies in the use of different products. According to the product requirements, it is divided into three kinds of refrigeration processes.

Focus on the construction of international refrigerated warehouses, freezer rooms, aquatic products

Quick freezing tunnel.

The principle of quick-freezing tunnel and quick-freezing cold storage is the same. The main difference is that quick-freezing tunnel can circulate products, non-stop operation, no need to wait for time, improve production efficiency and enterprise requirements. 1 flat mesh belt quick-freezing tunnel, universal design, suitable for continuous circulation Processed food, meat, aquatic products, pasta, etc., output of about 100 kg to 3000 kg per hour. 2. Vibrating mesh belt quick-freezing tunnel: The vibration device is added on the basis of the universal mesh belt tunnel, and the vibration function is added to the general-purpose function, which is suitable for freezing the food monomer in the granular state. 3. Pre-cooling tunnel: Before the high-temperature food enters the quick-freezing tunnel, the heat is first cooled by the cold tunnel, which has the advantage of saving energy and cooling time. 4. Multi-layer mesh belt quick-freezing tunnel: It is suitable for products with small floor space and long freezing time, mainly to solve the shortage of the site area and lengthen the quick-frozen running distance. 5. Reciprocating quick-frozen tunnel: It has the same function as multi-layer tunnel, which solves the limitation of site area, lengthening freezing time and product reprocessing. 6. Strip-type quick-freezing tunnel: It is mainly used for quick-freezing of seafood seafood, and its functions are basically the same. 7. Introduction to quick-freezing tunnels: The principle and function of all quick-frozen tunnels are almost the same. Food is continuously transported through the conveyor belt to the quick-freezing tunnel. The food is rapidly frozen in the tunnel and then transported out of the tunnel for the next process.

Focus on the construction of international refrigerated warehouses, freezer rooms, aquatic products

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