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Constant temperature warehouse

There are different differences between the constant temperature warehouse and the fresh storage warehouse. The construction requirements of the constant temperature warehouse and the fresh storage warehouse are the same, but the system is different. The constant temperature needs the refrigeration equipment to have the dual temperature function, the cooling can be heated, the preservation equipment is simple, and only the refrigeration is needed. Yes, the cold storage temperature is generally below 0 ° C, the common ones are 0 ° C, -18 ° C, -28 ° C, etc., and the exception is sometimes higher than 0 ° C, but not too high. The thermostat library is generally above 5 °C, and is more than a dozen degrees or twenty degrees.

Focus on the construction of international refrigerated warehouses, freezer rooms, aquatic products

Second, the cold storage is only a simple refrigeration. When the temperature in the warehouse is high, the machine is cooled. In addition to the refrigeration function, the constant temperature library needs to be equipped with a hot function. The temperature is high, the temperature is low, and the temperature is low. Accuracy can be slightly higher, but not absolute.

The constant temperature library is a kind of cold storage, but it is only a little special. The high temperature storage, low temperature storage, constant temperature storage, and quick freezing storage are collectively called cold storage.

A constant temperature warehouse is a warehouse that is capable of regulating temperature and maintaining a certain temperature. The thermostat library is a dedicated storage facility for storing fruits, vegetables, flowers and other perishable and rotten products. Reasonable and reasonable, strict scientific temperature control is the key to ensuring the quality of commodity storage. Since the constant temperature library objectively has regional temperature difference and space temperature difference, it can not maintain the absolute average and constant optimum temperature, which directly affects the overall quality of the refrigerated goods and the economic benefits of the enterprise.

Focus on the construction of international refrigerated warehouses, freezer rooms, aquatic products

With the advancement of science and technology and the development of the refrigeration industry, in the fields of production, processing, storage and marketing of vegetables, flowers, hotels, pharmaceuticals, electronics, chemicals and other industries, it is generally recommended to use a constant temperature library for storage, with a new architectural concept. Instead of the original cold storage class construction mode and operation mode, the use of the constant temperature library is now wider and wider, the building scale is also larger and larger, and has a great development prospect. This type of constant temperature library is mainly composed of a retaining structure, a thermal insulation sandwich panel, etc. The sandwich panel is composed of a color steel plate, an aluminum plate, a stainless steel plate, etc., and the intermediate heat insulating material is usually a rigid polyurethane or polystyrene. The weight is about 10% lighter than conventional building materials.

Focus on the construction of international refrigerated warehouses, freezer rooms, aquatic products

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