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Balabac refrigerated warehouse facility
Balabac refrigerated warehouse facility
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The construction of the Balabac refrigerated warehouse is a relatively large investment project. The Philippines is also a fishery country. The construction of the refrigerator cannot meet the current needs, just like Brooksport, Princess Port, Quezon, Roxas, Taitai, Baqite Island, cool storage room has a total of 32, annual refrigeration capacity of 500,000 tons, while aquatic products, food, fruit refrigeration capacity requires 1.2 million tons of storage facilities, due to cold chain logistics is not sound, annual waste 500,000 tons of economic benefits.

With Manila, Marais, Cebu Province accelerating the construction of cold chain storage equipment and stimulating economic development, the islands of Coron, Puerto Galera, Locke, Manbrau, Victoria and other islands have been planned for 15 cold storages (refrigerated Cars are delivered to each island.

The Philippines is lagging behind many countries in the construction of refrigerated warehouses. In the refrigeration project, there is a lack of technical personnel. With the friendly cooperation between China and the Philippines, SPEED WIND provides refrigerated construction and technical services to the Philippines. The company has professional technicians, R&D and design, according to Different refrigerator room design different schemes, original energy-saving technology, saving more than 50% of electricity consumption every year, in line with the national energy conservation and emission reduction standards of the Philippines.Barabak

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The difference between the freezer compartment and the freezer compartment is as follows:

1. The temperature setting is different: freezing temperature is below 18 degrees, which can achieve the effect of quick freezing; the temperature of refrigerating is about 5 degrees, which can keep the temperature at zero level.

2, the use is different: the refrigerating room can only be refrigerated and can not be frozen, refrigerating refers to a preservation method under the condition of lower than normal temperature but not lower than the freezing temperature of the item, fresh-keeping; freezer refrigerator freezer room below minus 24 degrees, Freezing is to lower the temperature and solidify and freeze the object, mainly for transportation and storage.

3. The types of foods that can be stored are different: the freezer can store fresh or frozen meat, fish, poultry, and can also store cooked food. The storage period is about 3 months, and the freezer can be frozen quickly. It is necessary to keep fresh fish and meat food for a long time to ensure the fresh flavor of the food at the maximum limit. The temperature in the refrigerator is not likely to be constant at a certain temperature value. The temperature of the refrigerator fluctuates within a certain range due to factors such as the performance of the refrigerator, the size of the storage capacity, and the temperature difference between the inside and the outside. In general, foods have a lower storage temperature and the smaller the range, the better. This is conducive to food preservation, prevention of loss and low temperature physiological diseases.

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temperature control

Different foods have different optimum refrigerated temperatures. The temperature of the cold storage and the temperature of the food after storage are affected by many factors, such as the difference between the temperature of the food and the temperature of the storage, the efficiency and storage capacity of the refrigerator, the air circulation in the warehouse, the stacking method, the variety and maturity of the food. Degrees, etc. When warehousing, it should be reasonably stacked, and the temperature should be adjusted according to the actual situation; the gradual heating method should be adopted before the storage, so as to avoid condensation on the surface of the food due to the large temperature difference between inside and outside.

Humidity control

Cold storage often continually attaches frost to it due to the large amount of heat absorbed by the evaporator, and continuously melts the frost away, so that the humidity in the storage is often lower than the humidity requirement of food storage. You can increase the evaporator area, reduce frosting, install spray equipment or automatic sprinklers to adjust the humidity in the cold storage. In addition, when the relative humidity of the warehouse is increased due to frequent cargo in and out, the moisture absorber can be installed to absorb moisture, and the cold storage management can be strengthened to strictly control the frequent entry and exit of goods and personnel. Refrigerated food is one of the fastest growing areas in the European food market. Because chilled food is a “close to fresh” product, it is an ideal food for consumers and is very popular. The main purpose of food refrigeration is to eliminate the toxicity hazards of microorganisms, extend the shelf life, and maintain their nutrition and senses. The factors affecting the growth of microorganisms, such as water activity, gas composition and pH value, are considered in the preservation process. By using the packaging to change the gas composition and developing a new preservation agent, the combination with low temperature makes the food have a better preservation effect.

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SPEED WIND is engaged in global cold storage installation, refrigeration engineering, has many years of experience in international refrigeration business, engaged in foreign refrigerated construction, cold storage design, focusing on energy-saving cold storage R & D and design, refrigeration engineering without borders, providing quality supporting solutions, major projects, Cold chain logistics, pharmaceutical GSP cold storage, aquatic products wholesale, farmer's market, cold storage, food quick-freezing, hotel canteen and other refrigeration projects.

Want to build a energy-saving cold storage, you need professional installation technology, SPEED WIND mature refrigeration technology, years of experience in the international refrigeration industry, China is a developed country, cold chain technology is mature and reliable, compared with the Philippine construction company , has the advantage of price and energy saving.Palawan Island, southwestern island of Palawan, Philippines